The Avivere brand is uniquely African, understanding that its designers hail from different African countries with different viewpoints and voices. The continent is far from monolithic – it’s exceptionally polylithic.

The Avivere brand provides the global consumer an opportunity to view Africa’s booming fashion industry through a different lens by offering curated pieces that unearth the beauty of the continent through designs that eloquently juxtapose its traditional yet modern elements.

Africa’s heartbeat is one that has been pulsating for centuries and its element have inspired many global fashion designers.


Our Mission

We aim to redefine African fashion one global consumer at a time. We do that by ensuring the right partnership with designers who embody the evolution of the industry, allowing us to provide our consumer with access to curated, exclusive and innovative designs.


Our Promise

We will provide our costumer with reliable and consistent access to new, exciting, and contemporary brands across Africa.




Our Essence

We operate on being

and Affirming



Always put our customer first, and ensure our products and services continue to meet their needs and are of exceptional design and quality.

Provide our customers with attractive & competitive pricing across our uniquely curated range.

Consistently reveal Africa’s authentic and creative realities through diverse storytelling and unique experiences.

 Through our network, build a collaborative community of fashion designers, artisans and consumers that collectively redefines and revolutionizes the perception of African fashion in this modern era.

Ijeoma Ogbechie

Driven by her love and passion for African designs, fabrics and craftsmanship, Ijeoma Ogbechie founded a fashion brand Avivere (Ah-Vee-Vair) that offers the opportunity to bring everything she loves about the industry to the public. Ijeoma was born in Manchester, England to impeccably stylish parents of Nigerian descent  – one a world renowned marketing & finance guru and the other a banker turned serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Given Ijeoma’s family background it is no coincidence that she chose to found her own company. Entrepreneurship runs  in her blood. With both a BA in Business Economics and Executive MBA from London Business School, Ijeoma’s thirst for new challenges led her from Malaysia where she started her early education Lagos, London and then ultimately New York, where she built a formidable career in Financial Services.

With her multifaceted background and experiences, Ijeoma is primed to the lead e-tail sector when it comes to fashion from the African continent. She has a unique vision that appreciates the stories being told by the global fashion industry are not very inclusive of the African continent. The perception is  monolithic despite the African fashion industry being extremely diverse with unique cultures, influences and different interesting stories to tell.

Ijeoma believes now is the time for Africa to put the global spotlight firmly on its own designers. One way to do it is by educating the global fashion consumer and making it easy for them to access designs that provide a perspective of the continent that is rarely ever seen or heard.